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Temporary Pharmacy Staffing

Temporary Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technician Staffing

CareerStaff Rx partners with pharmacies across all settings providing the best temporary pharmacy staffing and contract pharmacists and pharmacy technicians available. Whether you need to cover your per diem shifts, temporary-to-permanent positions or short-term/long-term  pharmacy travel jobs, our team has you covered. We are powered by more than 25 years of staffing experience and have the industry’s leading recruitment and pharmacy staffing resources.

7 Reasons Why You Should Partner with CareerStaff Rx

  1. Access to the most complete, diverse network of qualified local pharmacy professionals
  2. Industry’s most comprehensive screening and selection process
  3. Partnership committed to quality care
  4. Experienced and dedicated support team, available 24/7
  5. Strategic, value-based facility pharmacy staffing solutions
  6. Accurately matched pharmacy professionals
  7. Customized programs built to address your specific needs