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Pharmacist Job

Are you a recent pharmacy school graduate, or a seasoned pharmacist of many years? Either way, you’ll be pleased to learn that the outlook of pharmacist jobs is growing! According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, we can expect to see a 25% increase in jobs over the next 20 years. An aging baby boomer population, increases in prescriptions, and a greater number of pharmaceuticals can all be attributed as factors towards this growth in pharmacist jobs. Although the field seems to be on the rise, many pharmacists will say they cannot find employment. Whether this is due to recent graduates flooding the market or the older demographic unwilling to retire, pharmacists everywhere are struggling to find work. More often than not, this is due not to a lack of pharmacist jobs, but pharmacists not looking in the right places. That’s where CareerStaff Rx comes in. CareerStaff Rx has connections in the nation’s most premier pharmacies, offering pharmacist jobs in a wide variety of environments. As the market for pharmacist jobs becomes more saturated, more and more pharmacy professionals are turning to CareerStaff Rx for their employment needs. As an increasing number of students start pursuing pharmacist jobs for its great average pay and job flexibility, the smart choice for any pharmacist is to utilize CareerStaff Rx.   CareerStaff Rx is a step above the competition- no other agency can offer the same level of expertise in staffing pharmacist jobs. Some of the factors that set us apart are…
  1. Pay. We offer premiere pay on a weekly basis with the option of direct deposit.
  2. Ease. We work with you, creating a custom schedule for you at the pharmacies and locations you want.
  3. No Commitment. By signing up, you’re not committing to work a certain number of hours. You can work as much—or as little—as you like. No strings attached.
  4. Experience. CareerStaff is one of the largest and most respected medical staffing companies in the country with more than 40 offices nationwide. We can help you find the right pharmacist job in the right place to fit your needs.
  5. Free CEUs. As a pharmacist, you’re expected to be familiar with the most current information about medications and treatment options. That’s why we give our employees free CEUs— up to $750 per year.
  6. Benefits. Full-time employees enjoy insurance options such as medical, life, vision, dental, short- and long-term disability, 401(k), auto and even pet insurance.
  7. Perks. We offer more than you might expect, such as a free life-counseling program, annual company-paid functions, pre-tax flexible healthcare and dependent spending accounts, and travel assistance and reimbursement, as well as special discounts for parks, theaters and more.
  8. Support. Our dedicated team of local pharmacy staffing professionals is available around the clock to help ensure that you’re receiving quality customer service for your pharmacy job.
  9. Career Diversity. Travel the country or stay close to home. You choose the setting, the location — and the hours.

 If you are looking for a pharmacist job, look no further than CareerStaff Rx! Apply today at