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Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing a staffing agency is an important decision. If you have a question not answered below, feel free to contact us for more information.

May I interview potential candidates?

Yes. First, CareerStaff Rx interviews and screens each healthcare professional, whether travel, direct hire or temporary staff, to determine that he or she meets our high clinical, professional and personal standards. Then, for direct hires, we arrange a telephone interview between you and the prospective employee that is followed by a personal interview. For travel contract staff, we arrange a telephone interview between you and the prospective employee. Back to top.

What quality assurance measures does CareerStaff Rx follow?

CareerStaff Rx maintains current, complete personnel files for all employees who meet state, federal and OSHA requirements. If you need additional information about an employee prior to or during a survey, we can provide the requested information promptly. Back to top.

Is using CareerStaff Rx cost-effective?

Absolutely. Our flat rate incorporates hidden costs that employers pay but rarely see, such as benefits, vacation, liability insurance and training. Often you’ll find that when these costs are added up, you’ll save money by using our pharmacy personnel. Back to top.

Are your pharmacists trained in specialized areas?

Our pharmacists and technicians have a variety of specialties, including long-term care, hospital, home infusion, retail, etc., and are available when you need them. Just let us know when you need someone and in what area of expertise, and we’ll work with you to find the right match. Back to top.

Do you have good pharmacists?

This question really addresses two different topics. First, CareerStaff Rx hires only the most qualified pharmacy staff. To us, that means hiring individuals who are technically competent, computer literate, flexible, professional and able to get the work done in a friendly manner that helps build your organization, and ours. Second, all of our pharmacists are thoroughly screened through their employment history and the state board of pharmacy. They are licensed, in good standing and insured. We believe in our staff so much that we guarantee their ability to serve your needs, or we’ll find you a suitable replacement. Back to top.

What computer systems are your pharmacists familiar with?

Almost all of our pharmacists are trained on multiple versions of the most popular systems, including PDX, Condor, PPC and others. However, in our experience, individual companies often have slight variations in their programming of these common systems, and sometimes they want special training set up for their fill-in pharmacists. If that’s the case, our team will work with you to coordinate special customized training at your facility to ensure computer competency. Back to top.

Are your pharmacists updated?

Yes, each is currently licensed, in good standing with the Board of Pharmacy, and has malpractice insurance. Our pharmacists are prepared to step in to your work environment to handle their professional responsibilities. Back to top.

How do you screen your pharmacists?

First, we check their employment history, their personal and professional references and their standing with the Board of Pharmacy. We also interview each candidate and rate him or her on a professional competency scale. Finally, when CareerStaff Rx hires a pharmacist he or she is pre-screened for drugs before ever working a shift. We also work closely with our customers to ensure that we meet or exceed their on-going testing requirements. Additionally, we do a first day phone follow-up along with additional checking while our pharmacists are on the job to ensure client satisfaction. Back to top.

How fast may I get a pharmacist?

Once our team receives your signed service agreement, we start working on your request. We pride ourselves on our fast turn-time; usually, it’s same-day service and sometimes, it’s within the hour. It’s always easier for us and simpler for our customers if the basic paperwork is completed ahead of time and only the order needs to be processed when the need arises. That’s why we urge customers to sign up in advance, even if you’re not sure if or when we’ll be needed. You have no obligation and it makes the process much easier if and when you do need our services. Back to top.

Will I get the same pharmacist each time?

Yes, we try to get the same pharmacist or technician so the ramp-up time is reduced and we use our detailed employee/customer records for exactly this purpose. However, when there is a conflict and the same person is not available, we find that the most common reason is planning. So, we stay in touch with our customers to stay on top of changing needs and to get the right person matched up as soon as the need is known. Back to top.

May I hire a pharmacist from you?

Yes, we help with permanent staffing in two ways. First, clients may use our services for an extended period and decide that the employee is a good fit with their facility. If both the client and our pharmacy staff member would like to make it a permanent position, we can make the transition. Second, our clients may requst help in filling new openings, asking us to act as recruiters. We find, screen and interview candidates, using the criteria that you’ve indicated. Back to top.

How do I meet with someone on your staff?

The first step is to call (800) 766-0122. During that initial call, we’ll register your company as a customer and gather the details for a particular job. We’ll also ask questions to identify any special requirements or concerns you may have. If you would like pre-interviews with pharmacists before they are sent out, for instance, that can be arranged. Back to top.