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Direct Hire Pharmacy Recruiters

CareerStaff Rx’s Direct Hire Pharmacy Recruitment Solutions

CareerStaff Rx’s direct hire pharmacy recruiters provide a strategic, value-based recruitment solution to help you fill your permanent pharmacist or pharmacy technician positions both now and in the future. Our recruitment team works seamlessly with your existing human resources or recruitment team to deliver superior candidates and to ensure that your position receives the greatest candidate exposure.

Direct Hire Pharmacy Recruiters Provide for the Following Roles:

  • Staff Pharmacist.
  • Pharmacy Managers/ Pharmacist-In-Charge (PIC).
  • Pharmacy Director.
  • Pharmacy Technicians.

5 Step Candidate Submittal and Qualification Process

1) Identify Position Details: Salary and compensation package and position requirements including skill sets, experience level, and any other characteristics that you prefer.
2) Begin to Qualify Candidates: Once we identify candidates that are interested and have screened them to ensure that they meet your requirements, our team will submit candidates to you for review.
3) Submit Candidates for Review: Candidates will be submitted via preferred communication method (email, fax, mail) with a complete and up-to-date profile detailing the candidate’s experience.
4) Interested Candidates: For those candidates that you have determined that you are interested in, we will then facilitate either a phone or in-person interview.
5) Offer Made and Accepted. Once an offer is made and our candidate accepts the position, we then can begin the transition from candidate to employee.