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2012 ASHP Midyear Conference Recap – CareerStaff Rx

The 2012 ASHP Midyear Conference has  come and gone…what an experience. 

Here is our quick recap from our perspective as a exhibitor this year.

  • It Was Huge. I am not sure what the final headcount was, but it was expected to bring more than 20,000 pharmacy professionals from all around teh world. As large as Las Vegas is, there was no getting away from the thousands of ASHP attendees no matter where you went!
  • Strong Reception at our New Booth. We finally 
  • Great Venue. For a conference that magnitude, you can’t beat Vegas and the Mandalay Bay Conference Center was well suited to handle all of the folks that attended this year especially when considering all of the other spaces needed for PPS, Residency Showcase, etc.  I was especially impressed when it came to shuttle transportation – the drivers were courteous and seemed to run without delay.
  • Strong Keynote. Not every day do you get an opportunity to hear from a former President, especially one that has gone on to help 4.5 million people living with HIV/AIDS access lifesaving drugs a major philanthropic groups including the Clinton Global Initiative through his William J. Clinton Foundation. It was hard to not feel inspired and to not make difference, or at least try.
  • Best Exhibitor Display? Best exhibitor display has to go to Health Care Logistics. They always have a colorful booth and this year was no exception. They had a country western theme going this year with a guy doing tricks with his pistols and a whip…it was pretty good.
  • The Hottest Conversation Topic? It seemed that the topic that was on most practicing Pharmacists especially those in leadership was primarily surrounding the IV room and the NECC fiasco and IV room safety and technology was well represented in the exhibitor hall. For students, the topc conversation was not surprisingly about their  Career path and whether a Residency was truly necessary, etc. Our position is that if you can get into a strong residency then you should. More and more hospital pharmacy departments are either publicly (or not) disqualifying candidates for their vacant positions if the candidate does not have a PGY1 or 2. And if you don’t have your PGY1 or 2, there is hope. It might be harder to land that dream job — you just have to work a little harder in your job search (of course contact CareerStaffRx) and be open to work in a more rural or less known health system, etc. 

That’s it for now…Here are a couple photos from the Conference.

All the best,

Kurt Hynes

2012 ASHP Midyear CareerStaff Rx

CareerStaff Rx 2012 ASHP Midyear Traffic – It was busy!

2012 ASHP CareerStaff Rx Team
Having fun! Myself and Mike with our favorite pharmacist Kathy aka “The Fantastic Purple Pharmacist”